mercredi 20 février 2013

Pirate Chair

Prie-DieuThe original chair is a Prie-Dieu found in Oudemolstraat. The chair is made of wicker and wood and the seat (wicker xas very damage). After a first layer of white painting and strong consolidation of the seat, the chair was transformed into a pirate chair for little Timeo.

chaise pirateThe seat was strengthen with papier maché and glue and a compas painted. The rudder has 4 handles and is fixed to the top armrest with a heavy screw. The handles are covered with rope and painted in black.chaise pirate Front of the chair. Rope is covering some part of the chair as well but vernished this time to give a naval aspect. A pirate, 2 sharks, crossed pistols and rhum bottles decorate the front of the chair

Sharks chaise pirateDroit devant!
chaise piratechaise pirate      Some details
Crossed swords                                                                                       
chaise pirate

chaise pirate The top armrest is a pirate map with, of course, a treasure island, some misterious places and a boat. Everythink to please captain Timeo!

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