vendredi 3 février 2012

Tree Chair...

Or the mosaik chair, I really hesitated.

The original design chair was not in a good shape. The black skai was torn on the armrests, the seat was broken and the grey painting not so fresh.

After removing the skai and clean the whole, the chair was covered by mosaik. The shape leads the idea of a "vegetal chair" so the basic colors are green, blue and brown.

Chaise mosaïque arbre

Chaise mosaïque arbre

Café de Liège is written on the back in a Art nouveau written style. You can see the green leaves on the left. there are made of paper, glue, iron wire, painted and vernished.

Chaise mosaïque arbre

The armrests have been polished several times to give a smooth feeling. Some peebles have been added to break lines and give a "natural" curvy shape at the whole.

Some details:

Detail of the seat
Chaise mosaïque arbre

Chaise mosaïque arbre
Chaise mosaïque arbreChaise mosaïque arbre
From above

The feet with the brown mosaic.

Mosaik provider:

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  1. Un super travail pour une réalisation surprenante, mais grandiose. Elle trône aujourd'hui dans notre salon... totalement décalée par rapport au reste et unique de beauté. Merci Guillaume et continue!