vendredi 2 novembre 2012


chaise Gaudi originale
Original chair was found in Scheveningen, it's a rattan chair very strong and quite heavy.
 After a nice WE in Barcelona, I decided to customised this chair into a Gaudi chair!

Chaise Gaudi The chair was covered with papier maché to have a nice structure to glue the paper mosaic. I used 3 main colors: blue, red and yellow and in each color I used between 3 and 7 shades. I teared up old newspaper (from Albert Hein), separated the colors and glued to the structure.
Chaise GaudiThe seat and the front are blue, the edge is red and some yellow spots have been added on the armrest and the top of the chair.

Chaise GaudiSides are green with yellow laces moving to the front.

Chaise GaudiChaise GaudiArmrest                     Top and side


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